Mayordomo, translated to English as the ‘Butler’ brand is an exclusive Spanish brand which produce these wonderful freshmatic compatible air freshener spray can refills.  Infused with unique and fine fragrances, the cans when used with an automatic freshmatic machine last around 60 days and will continuously fill your room with a smell that lasts for ages.

These spray cans do not have to be used inside a freshmatic machine, and can be used on their own.  Simply point in to the air and press the white nozzle to dispense a beautiful burst of gorgeous fragrance in your room.
Lovely Fresh Fragrance

Essence of Andalusia

Releasing a Unique fine Fragrance into your Home that will last for approx. 60 days. Can be used without the Freshmatic Machine by just pressing the White Nozzle to Release a measured spray of this fine Fragrance

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Weight .500 kg